Biz Card

Biz Card by FotoZoomer gives you and your customers the ability to create business cards with ease.  The best part?  They’re finished when you want them to be.


Employees no longer have to go back and forth with your customers waiting for approvals of proofs.  Customers design the card they want on the spot and approve it immediately.  As a business, you maintain ownership of the design and choose whether to print the cards in-house on your copier or outsource the job for specialty business card needs.

Rounded corners?  No problem. Same-day service?  No problem.  Stop wasting time and money going back and forth to get your proofs approved.


Biz Card offers over 70 categories and 2000 different templates for your customer to choose from.  Remember, your business maintains ownership of the design which translates to repeat customers for you.


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