FotoZoomer is a complete self-service design and printing kiosk for creating on-demand color prints from digital files or physical images.

The kiosk is the heart of the FotoZoomer Design Center. Its all-in-one, ADA-compliant design provides a limited footprint to save you valuable space. The monitor is permanently affixed to the kiosk while maintaining the ability to accommodate every customer demographic.


With FotoZoomer, your customers can create posters, photo packages, banners, signs, canvas prints, business cards and more in minutes.

FotoZoomer’s interface is simple to learn and use.  The software guides your customers through editing features that allow them to crop, rotate, adjust color, add text or borders, and make other changes to their prints.

In addition to printing photos, FotoZoomer includes a selection of ready-to-customize signage and calendar templates for endless business and educational applications.

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 20151024_104054 By adding a FotoZoomer kiosk, you are adding a revenue stream to your business.
Your customers want immediate service.

Give it to them.

Offer your customers a wide variety of options
Offer your customers a variety of options


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