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Hi Eric! I just wanted to send a short note to say how pleased I am with FotoZoomer! We have only had it a couple weeks and my customers are going nuts over it. My first customer wanted a very easy and simple banner for a retirement party. It was 24×48. Her cost was $38, and she was blown away at how cheap it was!!!! After she left, I was curious at what kind of profit I had made, so I pulled up FotoZoomers Forum. First off, I can’t believe you have the cost broken down so far into what Media and Ink costs per Sq. Ft.! Anyways after finding (and printing) that helpful chart, I was easily able to figure out my cost for media AND ink was about $6. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! That mark up is amazing. I would have to do numerous shipments for the profit on this! Anyways, we are just so very pleased with it so far. Feel free to have interested people contact me about my experience with the easy of this.
P.S. I look forward to being one of your top sellers!!! Thanks again! -M.F. Defiance, OH


I have had the FotoZoomer in my store for less than two months.  Firstly, it is an amazing product!  The kiosk is stylish and highly functional.  The FotoZoomer printing program is easy to use.  I am amazed at the ease of use and the high quality prints!  My customers have been equally impressed. Secondly, I have received quick and knowledgeable support when I have needed it — whether it was verifing the proper printer settings on the large Canon printer or being shown again a feature I had forgotten how to use.  Thirdly,  I believe that the FotoZoomer offers the biggest opportunity for revenue growth of any profit channel in my store.  Already with no advertising and placing the kiosk by the entrance to the store, I have sold photo prints, posters, and signs.  I believe this is just the beginning.  I can’t tell you the number of people that said they would be back to print with me, even people who normally just drop off mail.  The FotoZoomer has potential to turn non-paying customers in to paying ones.



PostalAnnex+ #117

Sacramento, CA


Thank you Dustin and Eric and all who had helped us tremendously so we can have success with our FotoZoomer.

We have been struggling with the set-up of our network, many weeks of stress and frustration but the FotoZoomer team has been always there, ready to help, VERY patience and cordial.

We have learned through Dustin to just keep calm and with his clear instructions and guidance now we are set-up.

Kind regards,

Elyanna and Cecilia  Bisbee, AZ